Damy Floor quartz SPC laminate

Damy Floor quartz SPC laminate

A unique product, Damy Floor quartz SPC laminate is a new generation of vinyl floorings. Manufactured using advanced technologies, it combines the best qualities of different floor finishing materials types: the beauty of natural wood and 100% water resistance, the strength of stone and strong soundproofing, simplicity of care, durability and comfort.

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) is a solid mineral polymer plate, which is the base of Damy Floor quartz laminate. SPC plate consists of 75% calcium carbonate and 25% virgin PVC, which is the binder material. The high content of mineral filler provides Damy Floor coverings with unique technical and operational characteristics.

Advantages of Damy Floor SPC laminate

1. Damy Floor SPC laminate density is 2000 kg/m3 and close to density of tile and porcelain stoneware (2000-2400 kg/m3).

2. There are no components in the mineral plate structure that absorb or release moisture. Due to that, SPC laminate, in contrast to HDF analogue and parquet, has 100% moisture resistance and maintains dimensional stability even during prolonged contact with water.

3. Installation of laminate is allowed in an area up to 650m2 without gaps.

4. Click system ensures simple and easy installation of Damy Floor coverings.

5. Compatibility with any floor heating systems, heating temperature up to 40°С.

6. Damy Floor SPC laminate is intended for commercial and residential use. The warranty period is 25 years in case of residential use.

7. The additional protective layer against UV- rays protects decor from discoloration, and it maintains the color saturation even during prolonged exposure to sun rays.

8. The covering is easy to maintain due to its resistance to household chemicals and coloring agents.

9. Damy Floor SPC laminate is safe to use and has an ecological certificate. The plate consists of virgin PVC and mineral filler and does not contain any supplements or impurities. The mineral floor does not sustain combustion and does not emit harmful substances when heated.

Owing to its unique properties and characteristics, Damy Floor SPC laminate is suitable for use in different premises: from shops, restaurants and offices to country houses and apartments. In any types of space from playroom to bathroom you will get beautiful, qualitative and reliable floor that will serve you long years.

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