Professional team

Our company has been working in the market of finishing materials since 2000 being a leader in the field of floor covering sales. We follow market development, always expand and improve our assortment so we can offer our customers all the diversity of floor finishing materials: from the time-proved classic to the most cutting-edge products. We offer our clients not just floor coverings but coziness, comfort, reliability and safety.

Production and quality control

Floor coverings of the Damy Floor trademark are manufactured on the production lines of the largest European, Russian and Chinese factories. The company staff exercises quality control of our products at every stage: from inspection of feedstock and observing manufacturing technology to selling to the end-user.


All Damy Floor production goes through strict quality control and mandatory certification. We are confident in the quality of our floor coverings.

Environmental friendliness

The company cares not only about the beauty and practicality of our floor coverings but also about environmental protection and our customers’ health. All the factories producing Damy Floor products have ecological certificates attesting to the safety of manufacturing to the environment. Damy floor coverings always undergo additional quality control testing and have an ecological certificate. Our products don’t emit any toxic substances that are dangerous to the consumers.

Sales and cooperation

We have made sure that Damy Floor coverings are available to the customers in many Russian and CIS cities. Sales of products are carried out through our dealers’ shops. We provide marketing support, conduct training and help with sales and resolving any issues for our partners. You can become our dealer by contacting Head Office staff. We treat choosing our dealers with all due seriousness. All our partners are evaluated on such criteria as financial credibility, experience in working with floor coverings, staff qualifications, customer service level and positive clients’ testimonials. Our company and our dealers are jointly responsible to the consumers. We strive to ensure that every customer is pleased with choosing Damy Floor product. If you have a problem buying our product you can call the hotline number +7 985 640 1409, and we will make every effort to help you.